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End of Term: Download now
'End of Term' is an intense 60 second rock guitar piece originally intended for television. Technically the piece is fast and incorporates advanced tapping and sweep picking, whilst harmonically it includes an array of arpeggios (major, minor, minor seventh, dominant seventh, diminished), major and minor pentatonic scales, Ionian and Mixolydian modes, bends, string skips, right hand bending and sliding, and natural harmonics in conjunction with use of the whammy bar.
Acoustic Bliss: Download now
In stark contrast 'Acoustic Bliss' is relaxing piece based around the acoustic guitar and a clean sounding electric guitar, using a slide. Also 60 seconds in length, the importance here is taste and phrasing. The acoustic guitar is played using hybrid picking in conjunction with a series of open strings to produce the harp-like effects in the intro and outro. The slide is fittingly minimal, focusing on intervals of thirds and fourths within each chord.
All music copyright Stuart Bahn


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