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Stuart Bahn BMus BSc


Stuart Bahn is an experienced guitar teacher in Ealing, who continues to perform on the highly competitive London scene. Through many years of study and performance, Stuart has graduated from self-taught improviser to formidable eclectic musician including advanced rock, jazz, funk, blues and classical. Having studied virtually all major playing styles of guitar-based music both harmonically and technically, there's not a great deal that Stuart has not already encountered.

Professional guitarist

Originally from the North East of England, and now based in Ealing, Stuart Bahn has spent the last 16 years performing throughout the UK, including 4 years as Brian May in the immensely successful Queen tribute band 'Queen B'.

Live performance has taken Stuart the length and breadth of the UK including some of the most prestigious venues, performing in front of audiences up to 15,000 people and performing alongside artists such as Space, Coolio, Alexander Oneal, Jason Donovan, Chesney Hawkes, 2-Unlimited and Big Brovaz.

Guitar teacher in Ealing

As well as live performance, recorded sessions for the BBC and having worked as in-house composer for Channel 4 Television, it is surprising that Stuart still finds time to teach guitar lessons at his home in Ealing.

'For me, one of the most disappointing things to hear is somebody saying that they'd like to play guitar, but don't think they could. Playing guitar is not hard, it just needs good good quality guitar tuition, the right approach for the individual, some patience and a bit of dedication.'

Stuart has studied with some of the biggest names in music and guitar education including Charlie Banacos (Berklee College of Music, USA), Ed Byrne (Berklee College of Music, USA), Shaun Baxter (The Guitar Institute and London College of Music, UK) and Pete Callard (Musicians' Institute, California).

Stuart's approach to guitar teaching

'Over the years I've been on the receiving end of both excellent guitar lessons and teaching methods, but also some poor ones. I've never stopped studying or analysing music and technique, so I've had a long time to understand what works and what doesn't. I've also seen that certain methods of guitar teaching are not suited to everyone. Guitar tuition and lessons must be tailored to the individual. It's for these reasons that a good one-on-one guitar tutor is essential for somebody that really wants to become a good guitarist' - Stuart Bahn, Professional guitar teacher, Ealing

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